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ConQuestE1-E5 / June 2-4 @SMX
CosManiaSept 2023 @ SMX
✱ StickerConOct 2023 @ Makati
CosMatsuriDec 2023 @ SMX

Sells my official products with my consent and approval!
✿ The Craft Central - Greenbelt 5, Makati ✿
✿ The Craft Central - SM Megamall, Mandaluyong ✿
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I am Mari, an illustrator based in Metromanila, Philippines.
One of my favourite things is creating cute stickers, stationery, and accessories featuring my illustrations and designs, and hope it would make you smile!! ✿Currently, I run an online store, and a Local PH shopee store! ♡

Q: How do you pronounce "Cafhune"?
My username is pronounced as "Kah-foon". Somewhat close to saying 'Typhoon'!
** Q: What are your Tools? **
I work using Procreate on an iPad Pro 10.2"!
VLLO app for video editing. Notion and Google Sheets for organizing.
Q: Where do you get your products made?
large majority of my products are outsourced and I have them produced by small local suppliers here in the Philippines! #SupportLocal
The rest are handmade and assembled by me, and some are produced via Alibaba suppliers. I do not disclose my manufacturers.Q: Will you be restocking X item?
Very likely that I will! Unless it is stated that the item will be discontinued. Please turn on social media notifications to keep up to date!
Q: Can I use your art as a profile picture or repost it?
For profile picture purposes, I'll allow but please leave a visible credit in your bio & link back to my social media! ✿ For reposting, please do NOT repost my artworks. I would much rather you have your support through the sharing of my original post. I find it disrespectful to the artist to repost their hours of work.
Thank you for understanding.
Q: Can I commission you?
Depending on my commission status! Selling merch is my main work but I am sometimes available for commissions. For business inquiries, kindly email me
Q: Is there a risk in creating fan merch?
Any time you create something with copyrighted materials/licensed intellectual property, there is a possibility of the original owners contacting you to stop selling the items. This applies to small personal shops, big marketplaces, crowdfunding sites, you name it. It is also beyond fan items; be mindful of such things as music in videos and even fonts on commercial products.
Q: Do you do collabs?
I only do collaborative merchandise projects with close mutuals or friends. Sometimes I would join fanzines if they interest me.
For sponsorship collaborations, kindly email me at [email protected] or message me on instagramI accept X deals and cash incentives collaborations.✿ thank you! ✿

Zine Contributions
Heroine Impact Vol 2: Genshin Impact (Invited Merch artist)
Date Night: Genshin Impact (Invited Merch artist)
Yokai Impact: Genshin Impact (Invited Shipping Mod & merch artist)
Days of Tevyat: Genshin Impact (Invited Merch artist)
R!NG: Genshin Impact (Page artist)
Happy Travels: Animal Crossing (Head Mod & page artist)
Noctuary: RPG Horror (Merch & page artist)