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PotA SummerJun 1-2 | table M6 | Centris Elements, QC
PotA FallSept | Centris, QC
*KomiketOct 12-13 | Megamall
*PaskomiketNov 16-17 | Megamall
*CosMatsuriDec 28-30 | SMX
March KomiketMar 23-24 | Megamall

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I am Mari, an illustrator based in Metromanila, Philippines.
One of my favourite things is creating cute stickers, stationery, and accessories featuring my illustrations and designs, and hope it would make you smile!! ✿Currently, I run an online store, and a Local PH store! ♡

Q: How do you pronounce "Cafhune"?
My username is pronounced as "Kah-foon". A bit similar to 'Typhoon'!
Q: What are your Tools?
I use Procreate on an iPad Pro 10.2"
VLLO app for video editing. Notion and Google Sheets for organizing.
Q: Where do you get your products made?
The majority of my products are outsourced and manufactured by small local suppliers here in the Philippines. #SupportLocal
The rest are either handmade by me or manufactured via Alibaba suppliers.
I do not disclose my manufacturers.
Q: Will you be restocking X item?
I quickly restock my stickers, button pins, art prints, and keychains asap. Some products may take a while longer but I will most likely be restocked too! If an item is listed as [discontinued], I will not restock that item once sold out.
Q: Can I use your art as a profile picture or repost it?
For profile picture purposes, I'll allow but please leave a visible credit in your bio & link back to my social media! ✿
PLEASE DO NOT REPOST MY ARTWORK. Appropriately sharing & supporting me through my original post is preferred and appreciated! It is disrespectful to repost and doesn't support the artist at all. Thank you for understanding.Q: Can I commission you?
Nowadays I am rarely available for commissions as my shop is my full-time job. However, feel free to still inquire! When contacting me, please leave enough detail of your inquiry so that your message would not be categorized as spam.
(Thank you for your support!)
Q: Is there a risk in creating fan merch?
Any time you create something with copyrighted materials/licensed intellectual property, there is a possibility of the original owners contacting you to stop selling the items. This applies to small personal shops, big marketplaces, crowdfunding sites, you name it. It is also beyond fan items; be mindful of such things as music in videos and even fonts on commercial products.
Q: Do you do collaborations?
I do collaborative merchandise projects with friends only.
Invited artist for fanzine projects are accepted if it interests me.
For sponsorship collaborations, kindly email me at [email protected] or message me on instagram. I accept X deals and cash incentives collaborations.✿ thank you! ✿

✿ Contributions 
Hello Kaveh! '24 Fools LoungeGenshin Impact (Invited Merch artist)
Heroine Impact Vol 2Genshin Impact (Invited Merch artist)
Date NightGenshin Impact (Invited Merch artist)
Yokai ImpactGenshin Impact (Invited Merch artist)
Days of TevyatGenshin Impact (Invited Merch artist)
R!NGGenshin Impact (Page artist)
NoctuaryRPG Horror (Merch & page artist)

STATUS: open :)

please choose the commission type below!

PHP Commission prices

Please read through the Terms of Service
before commissioning.

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chibi commissions

Full body$70$95
Mipy Nui$35$60

✦ Digital commission includes
- High res PNG files of the final product (solid BG & transparent BG)
- High res Sketch files (sent throughout the process)
- Commission is for personal usage only!
✦ Keychain commission includes
- All digital commission benefits included
- 2x Acrylic keychain copies of your commission!
- Keyring clasp and ball chain attachments
- Shipping fees included
- Keychains are for personal use only!
- More about the keychains here!
✦ Add-ons
- detailed/complex designs: +$5-10
- additional animal or objects: +$5-10
- additional character: 2x of digital comm price
- (keychain) Different expression/outfit on backside: +$3-10
- (keychain) additional keychain copy of your commission: +$5/ea
- (keychain) additional standee version (2.5 inches widest): +$6/ea
- (keychain) heart magnet attachments: +$0.5/per keychain
- Intricate details will be simplified for all commission types!
- I use a YCH base for my work
- Digital reference of the character required!

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Pngtuber commissions

Full body$90$95
Mipy Nui$55$60

Pngtuber+ sample: sample:

✦ Commission includes
- Veadotube/Pngtuber+ file
- High res PNG files of your pngtuber (idle version and talking version)
- High res Sketch files (sent throughout the process)
- 1 expression included (default)
- Commercial streaming rights
✦ Add-ons
- detailed/complex designs: +$5-10
- additional animal or objects: +$5-10
- additional outfit/hairstyle: +$15
- extra expressions: +$5 (+$5 if wanted on the additional outfit)
- extra hand pose + prop: +$5-10
- additional fees for exporting variations (ex. Wings on and wings off): +$5
- Intricate details will be simplified for all commission types!
- I use a YCH base for my work
- Digital reference of the character required!

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Keychain Specifications:
- halfbody and fullbody: 2.3 inches (5.8cm)
- Mipy nui: 1.5 inches (4cm)
- Double-sided acrylic and print
- Subtle glitter at the front side of the acrylic
- Subtle transparent gradient around the design (color of your choice!)
✦ Keychain sizes
Halfbody & Fullbody are 2.3 inches (5.8cm).
Mipy Nui is 1.5 inches (4cm).
The size of the keychain is determined by the length of the acrylic, not the design. You can request a different size, but the price may vary.✦ Double-sided acrylic and print
The keychain has a front and back. The default backside is your commission mirrored. The design is sandwiched in acrylic material to prevent scratches and ensure a longer lifespan. A different back design costs extra.
✦ Glitter keychain
All keychain commissions will include subtle glitter on the front side by default. The glitter can be removed upon request. Please note that the glitter is contained within the acrylic and does not involve epoxy. Epoxy glitter is discontinued.
✦ Keychain clasps
All keychain commissions include 2 keychain clasps (lobster clasp and a ball chain) per keychain by default! Client can freely choose with clasp & ball chain they prefer. Ball chain can be removed upon request.

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By purchasing my services (art), you automatically agree to the following conditions. If you are not comfortable with my Terms Of Service and not willing to agree to the conditions, please do not request for my services/commission me.

- By commissioning me, you are purchasing my service as an artist only.
- I reserve the right to reject/cancel/refund any commission order at any time for any reason.
- Rude behaviour will not be tolerated.
- Providing clear and complete image references is highly preferred and appreciated! References should include clear visuals of the character and flat-colored images (with visible base colors).
- Clients who have commissioned and/or received work before this TOS has gone into effect are still bound to its contents.
- Commissions can take 2-4 weeks depending on the project and complexity.
- If you have a deadline for your commission, this deadline must be mentioned before payment. (Rush fees are at least + 25% of the commission)
- You will receive sketches/drafts and process photos of your commission to check everything is sufficiently good and approved by you. Each stage of the process requires approval before I proceed.
- Commission progress: Sketch > Coloring > Finalization & Rendering > Commission complete!
- Clients are permitted up to 3 revisions, preferably during the earlier stages, with minor revisions allowed during renderization. Additional revisions will be charged.
- The final output is sent via the email provided by the client once the commission is approved.
- The prices listed are in USD and the baseline estimates.
- All payments must be made upfront in full before I begin working.
Payment is done through Stripe invoicing and paid by credit card.
- All commission sales are “Digital Artwork” and will not be physically sent through the mail unless stated otherwise.
- Refunds can be requested if I have not yet started on your commission.
- If you wish for your request to be private, it must be stated during the ordering process.
- The privacy request entails that I am not allowed to share any WIPs on social media, (This is especially important to consider if you are a Vtuber and want me to keep assets private until your debut).
- You may request to keep your commission private or uploaded at a later date.
- All of my commission works are for personal use only unless stated otherwise.
- The following cases are considered commercial use: Reproducing and selling the artwork, publicly or privately, cases where you receive profit from a medium/platform where you have posted my artwork, (eg. Patreon, YouTube, Twitch, a personal site, business cards, etc). Using my artwork as a vtuber model/pngtuber model.
- You, the client, are allowed to display my work on external sites as long as you provide visible credit and a link back to my socials.
- The client can use the commissioned artwork for personal purposes only, such as avatars, phone/computer wallpapers, and personal website/profile displays. Printing or reproducing the artwork is allowed as long as it is for personal use only! (ie. NOT for sale).
- I retain all copyrights to my work, including the right to redistribute, reproduce, or use the image as a sample for sales or self-promotion, unless otherwise agreed upon. In the case of a public commission, I may do whatever I wish with the art (e.g., post it to other sites such as Instagram) but will give proper credit to you for ownership of the character's design.
- You are not to claim the commissioned piece or my work as your own. You have no authorization to change, modify, edit, or trace over my Artwork in any way, including the use of the artwork as a “base.”
- I prohibit the use of my art for NFTs, AI, and similar purposes. Please refrain from uploading it to any AI platforms as it may compromise my work. NFT usage of my artwork is strictly prohibited.
- For commercial use of commission, the appropriate commercial fee must be paid for in full before the commission can be used commercially.
- Commercial fees are applied per piece and per usage
- Please note that commercial rights cannot be refunded or revoked once purchased.

Personal (non-monetized)Free
Streaming / Content Creation (Asset)Varies by Commission Type
Digital & Paper Goods2x Commission Price
Small Physical Goods3x Commission Price
Large Physical Goods5x Commission Price

Thank you!
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comm typeHalf bodyFull bodyMipy Nui

PHP are only through GCASH, MAYA, or PaypalThank you!
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