illustration & design

Mika | 20+ | She/Her | 🇵🇭
I’m Mika, an illustrator and designer based in the Philippines. My works are often inspired by sweets and cartoons you’d watch cozy in bed.

I currently work full-time on my online store. If you have any business inquiries, don't hesitate to contact me via email.

+ FAQ +

✦ Hardware & Softwares you use?
Ipad pro + apple pencil | procreate + clip studio paint

✦ Where do you get your products made?
Sorry but I don't reveal my suppliers.

✦ can i commission you?
depends on my commission status! for business inquires, email me.

✦ convention schedule?
announcements can be found on my social medias and via

✦ Can I use your art as icons/bg/etc.?
Sure! Though for personal use only. Please don't forget to give me credit in your bio or a credit page!

✦ Can I repost your works?
Please do not repost if you're reposting it on a site where I already have an account there. Such as Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook. All of these social medias already have a sharing or reblogging feature so please reshare my original post instead to support me. Thank you!

Please at least visibly credit me. Do not edit my artwork, do not crop out my watermark. If you happen to find uncredited art, I would be happy if you asked them to credit me! Thank you!

✦ I have a question related to your store.
Please visit my store